We are manufacturer of Industrial fan (Man Cooler & Axial Flow Fans, I.D. Fan, Contrifugal Blower), Industrial Blowers Manufacture, S.S. Tank Manufacture, S.S. Reactors Manufacture, Kitchen Equipment Manufacture, Kitchen hood Manufacture, Kitchen Exhaust System, Kitchen Ventilation System, Air Handling Unit, Fresh Air Unit, Dispensing Booth, Floor mounted fume hood, Pass Box, Air Conditioning Ventilation System, Ventilation System Trunkey Project.

We Design and Manufacturing of any type Ventilation System, Air-washer, Scrubbers, Roof Extractor Fan for Chemical plant, Steel melting Furnace and other heat generating Source, Pollution abatement system for Chemical plant, Tea Garden, Centrifugal Blower, Axial Flow Fan, Man cooler for plant, AHU and Accessories for pharmaceutical plant.
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